Ohio Revised Code § 3923.03 - Necessary Provisions.

No policy of sickness and accident insurance shall be delivered, issued for delivery, or used in this state unless all the following requirements are complied with:

(A) The entire money and other considerations therefor are expressed therein.

(B) The time at which insurance takes effect and terminates is expressed therein.

(C) It purports to insure only one person, except that a policy may be issued to the head of a family, who for this purpose may be the husband or the wife and who is considered the policyholder, covering any two or more members of any one family, including husband, wife, dependent children, any children under the age of nineteen, and other dependents living with the family.

(D) Every printed portion of the text matter and of any indorsements or attached papers shall be printed in uniform type of which the face shall be not less than ten point, the "text" to include all printed matter except the name and address of the insurer, name and title of the policy, captions, subcaptions, and form number. The superintendent of insurance shall not disapprove any such policy on the ground that every printed portion of its text matter or of any indorsement or attached paper is not printed in uniform type if it is shown that the type used is required to conform to the laws of another state in which the insurer is licensed.

(E) The exceptions and reductions of indemnity are adequately captioned and clearly set forth in the policy.

(F) Every such policy, including riders and indorsements, shall be identified by a form number in the lower left-hand corner of its first page.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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