Ohio Revised Code § 3929.141 - Surety For Guaranteed Arrest Bond Certificates Issued By Automobile Club Or Association.

(A) Any domestic or foreign insurance company that is authorized to transact surety business pursuant to division (A)(19) or (20) of section 3929.01 of the Revised Code, may, in any year, become surety in an amount not to exceed two hundred dollars with respect to each of any guaranteed arrest bond certificates issued in that year by an automobile club or association by filing with the superintendent of insurance an undertaking to become surety.

(B) The undertaking shall be in a form prescribed by the superintendent and shall state the following:

(1) The names and addresses of the automobile clubs or automobile associations with respect to the guaranteed arrest bond certificates of which the surety company undertakes to be surety.

(2) The unqualified obligation of the surety company to pay the fine or forfeiture in an amount not to exceed two hundred dollars of any one person who, after posting a guaranteed arrest bond certificate with respect to which the surety company has undertaken to be surety, fails to make the appearance for which the guaranteed arrest bond certificate was posted.

(3) As used in this section, "guaranteed arrest bond certificate" means any printed card or other certificate issued by an automobile club or association to any of its members, which card or certificate is signed by the member and contains a printed statement that the automobile club or association and a surety company guarantee the appearance of the person whose signature appears on the card or certificate and that they will, in the event of failure of the person to appear in court at the time of trial, pay any fine or forfeiture imposed on the person in an amount not to exceed two hundred dollars.

Effective Date: 08-08-1991

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