Ohio Revised Code § 3929.63 - Creating Medical Liability Underwriting Association.

(A) A medical liability underwriting association for medical liability insurance may be created for one or more classes of insurance by rule of the superintendent of insurance pursuant to Chapter 119. of the Revised Code upon a finding by the superintendent that both of the following circumstances exist:

(1) A substantial number of applicants for such class or classes of medical liability insurance have not been placed with insurers authorized to write medical liability insurance in this state, and are insurable risks. For purposes of this section, "insurable risk" means that the physician, podiatrist, or hospital is licensed, certified, or accredited as required by law.

(2) The lack of such class or classes of medical liability insurance threatens the availability of health care for any group of individuals in this state.

(B) The medical liability underwriting association may:

(1) Issue or cause to be issued policies of insurance to applicants, including incidental coverages, subject to terms, conditions, exclusions, and limits, established by the medical liability underwriting association's board of governors subject to the superintendent's approval. Coverages under such policies may be made available as primary or excess protection, provided limits of primary protection under one policy shall not exceed one million dollars for each claim and three million dollars in any year unless otherwise provided for in the plan of operation.

(2) Underwrite the insurance and adjust and pay losses with respect thereto, or appoint service companies or associations to perform those functions;

(3) Assume reinsurance;

(4) Cede reinsurance.

Effective Date: 04-12-2004

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Last modified: October 10, 2016