Ohio Revised Code § 3930.16 - Program For Decreasing Overall Utilization Of Association As Source Of Insurance.

The board of governors of the Ohio commercial insurance joint underwriting association shall adopt a written program for decreasing the overall utilization of the association as a source of insurance. The program shall set forth actions that the board shall take to decrease such utilization, including actions intended to reduce the classes of insurance offered by the association, to reduce the number of policies issued, the number of persons insured, and the total amount of insurance written by the association, provided this section does not authorize the board to take action intended to decrease utilization of the association as a source of insurance if such action would substantially conflict with the purposes set forth in section 3930.03 of the Revised Code or the plan of operation of the association.

Effective Date: 01-05-1988

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Last modified: October 10, 2016