Ohio Revised Code § 4503.18 - Special License Issued.

(A) As used in this section, "United States veterans service organization" means any organization chartered by congress or recognized by the United States department of veterans affairs for purposes of representing veterans affairs claimants.

(B) A motor vehicle titled in the name of a United States veterans service organization and used solely for participation in organizational activities, exhibitions, parades, and similar purposes, may be registered without the payment of any registration tax and service fee required by sections 4503.02 and 4503.10 of the Revised Code, and without the payment of any local motor vehicle tax levied under Chapter 4504. of the Revised Code. In applying for registration of such a motor vehicle, a member of the service organization shall sign an affidavit, prescribed by the registrar of motor vehicles, stating that the vehicle is to be used solely for such purposes, and shall present satisfactory evidence of the organization's status as a United States veterans service organization. Upon receipt of such evidence, affidavit, and application for registration, the registrar shall issue the applicant permanent license plates.

(C) Upon presentation of a paid valid current year registration, the president, commander, or adjutant of a United States veterans service organization may apply for an honorary license designating the organization with which the applicant is affiliated. This honorary plate shall be displayed in lieu of the regular license plate. The original registration card shall be in the vehicle at all times and shall be submitted for inspection upon the demand of any police officer. The annual fee for such license shall be five dollars.

Effective Date: 09-21-1971; 2008 HB273 04-07-2009

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Last modified: October 10, 2016