Ohio Revised Code § 4503.311 - Manufacturer Or Dealer Of Watercraft Trailers - Annual Registration.

A manufacturer of or dealer in trailers for transporting watercraft may apply for registration with the registrar of motor vehicles for each place in this state where the manufacturer or dealer carries on the business of manufacturing or dealing in such trailers. Applications for annual registration shall be made at the time provided for payment of the tax imposed on manufacturers and dealers by section 4503.09 of the Revised Code and shall be in the manner to be prescribed by the registrar. The fee for such registration shall be twenty-five dollars and shall not be reduced when the registration is for a part of a year.

Upon the filing of such application and the payment of the fee and appropriate postage as required by the registrar of motor vehicles, the registrar shall assign to the applicant a distinctive number which shall be displayed on the rear of each trailer while it is operated on the public highway. Such trailer may be operated on the public highway while loaded, until it is sold or transferred. At the time the registrar assigns the distinctive number, the registrar shall furnish one placard with the number thereon. Such manufacturer or dealer may procure a reasonable number of certified copies of the registration certificate upon the payment of a fee of five dollars and postage. With each of such certified copies, the registrar shall furnish one placard with the same number provided in the original registration certificate, and shall add thereto such special designation as necessary to distinguish one set of placards from another. All placards furnished by the registrar pursuant to this section shall be so marked as to be distinguishable from placards issued to dealers in or manufacturers of motor vehicles.

The fees collected by the registrar pursuant to this section shall be paid into the state bureau of motor vehicles fund established in section 4501.25 of the Revised Code and used for the purposes described in that section.

Effective Date: 10-21-1997

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