Ohio Revised Code § 4503.63 - Calculation Of Proportionate Registration Taxes Due - Registrar To Notify Other Declared Jurisdictions.

(A) The registrar of motor vehicles shall adopt rules in accordance with the international registration plan for the calculation of the proportionate registration tax due under section 4503.042 of the Revised Code for the registration of a vehicle in this state and in all jurisdictions declared for apportionment purposes on the uniform mileage schedule. In accordance with such rules, the registrar shall notify the registrant of the taxes or fees due and shall collect the amount due for registration in each declared jurisdiction, unless the other jurisdiction bills the registrant directly.

(B) The registrar shall notify other declared jurisdictions that an apportioned registration application has been filed, shall furnish the declared jurisdiction documentation to substantiate and verify the application, and shall transmit the taxes or fees to those jurisdictions within forty-five days of receipt.

(C) The registrar shall cooperate with other jurisdictions in connection with registration of vehicles under sections 4503.60 to 4503.66 of the Revised Code and the collection of apportioned taxes and fees.

Effective Date: 07-17-1990

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Last modified: October 10, 2016