Ohio Revised Code § 4505.071 - Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer Or Salesperson As Witness Power Of Attorney For Transfer Of Title.

Notwithstanding section 1337.06 of the Revised Code, a licensed motor vehicle dealer involved in a title transfer, or a licensed motor vehicle salesman employed by such a dealer, may act as a witness to the signature of a principal designating another as the principal's attorney in fact, and after the principal signs in the dealer's or salesman's presence shall swear before a notary public that the principal signed in the dealer's or salesman's presence. As witness the dealer or salesman shall sign in the place provided, inserting the dealer's or salesman's license number. The notary public, in such cases, shall administer an oath of the witness. This manner of signing, witnessing, and acknowledging a power of attorney may be used only when the granting instrument limits the power of the attorney in fact to act on the principal's behalf in making an assignment of a certificate of title, excluding the odometer statement that the motor vehicle owner must provide as required by federal law, or completing an application for a certificate of title, excluding the odometer acknowledgement statement that the applicant must acknowledge as required by federal law, and such instrument shall state the make, body type, model, and manufacturer's vehicle identification number of the motor vehicle to which the grant of power applies. This power of attorney shall be presented to the clerk of the court of common pleas when used to transfer title to a motor vehicle and shall be retained by the clerk in the same manner that a certificate of title is retained.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996

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Last modified: October 10, 2016