Ohio Revised Code § 4561.35 - Speciying Terms And Conditions Of Permits.

The department of transportation shall specify all of the following in each permit granted under section 4561.34 of the Revised Code:

(A) The terms and conditions regarding the height and location of the structure or object of natural growth that the department considers necessary to ensure the safety of aircraft in landing or taking off at any airport, the safety of persons occupying or using such area, and the security of property, including any modifications to the height or location of the structure or object of natural growth set forth in the permit application. If the department modifies the location of all or part of a proposed structure or object, it shall provide notice of the relocation to the municipal corporation or township and the county to which the structure or object is being relocated, and the persons residing in the area of the relocation, by whatever means the department considers appropriate.

(B) The obstruction markers, markings, lighting, or other visual or aural identification, if any, that must be installed on or in the vicinity of the structure or object of natural growth as a condition of the permit. Any such identification shall conform as much as practicable to federal guidelines and standards. As a condition of the permit, the department shall require that any required lighting be maintained in operable condition.

Effective Date: 10-15-1991

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Last modified: October 10, 2016