Ohio Revised Code § 4585.01 - Watercraft Liens.

(A) Any watercraft navigating the waters within or bordering upon this state, is liable for the following:

(1) All debts contracted on account of such watercraft by the master, owner, steward, consignee, or other agent for the following:

(a) Materials, supplies, or labor in the building, repairing, furnishing, or equipping of the watercraft;

(b) Insurance;

(c) Wharfage.

(2) Damages arising out of any contract for the following:

(a) The transportation of goods or persons;

(b) Injuries done to persons or property by the watercraft;

(c) Any damage or injury done by the captain, mate, or other officer of the watercraft, or by any person under the order or sanction of any of them, to any person who is a passenger on, or employee of, the watercraft at the time of the infliction of the damage or injury.

(B) The liability described in division (A) of this section is a lien on the watercraft, but the lien is subordinate to any prior security interest that is noted on the certificate of title of the watercraft, or in a security agreement associated with a manufacturer's or importer's certificate for the watercraft that is retained, in accordance with section 1548.20 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 05-02-1986

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