Ohio Revised Code § 4709.05 - Organization Of Board.

In addition to any other duty imposed on the barber board under this chapter, the board shall do all of the following:

(A) Organize by electing a chairperson from its members to serve a one-year term;

(B) Hold regular meetings, at the times and places as it determines for the purpose of conducting the examinations required under this chapter, and hold additional meetings for the transaction of necessary business;

(C) Provide for suitable quarters, in the city of Columbus, for the conduct of its business and the maintenance of its records;

(D) Adopt a common seal for the authentication of its orders, communications, and records;

(E) Maintain a record of its proceedings and a register of persons licensed as barbers. The register shall include each licensee's name, place of business, residence, and licensure date and number, and a record of all licenses issued, refused, renewed, suspended, or revoked. The records are open to public inspection at all reasonable times.

(F) Annually, on or before the first day of January, make a report to the governor of all its official acts during the preceding year, its receipts and disbursements, recommendations it determines appropriate, and an evaluation of board activities intended to aid or protect consumers of barber services;

(G) Employ an executive director who shall do all things requested by the board for the administration and enforcement of this chapter. The executive director shall employ inspectors, clerks, and other assistants as the executive director determines necessary.

(H) Ensure that the practice of barbering is conducted only in a licensed barber shop, except when the practice of barbering is performed on a person whose physical or mental disability prevents that person from going to a licensed barber shop;

(I) Conduct or have conducted the examination for applicants to practice as licensed barbers at least four times per year at the times and places the board determines;

(J) Adopt rules, in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, to administer and enforce this chapter and which cover all of the following:

(1) Sanitary standards for the operation of barber shops and barber schools that conform to guidelines established by the department of health;

(2) The content of the examination required of an applicant for a barber license. The examination shall include a practical demonstration and a written test, shall relate only to the practice of barbering, and shall require the applicant to demonstrate that the applicant has a thorough knowledge of and competence in the proper techniques in the safe use of chemicals used in the practice of barbering.

(3) Continuing education requirements for persons licensed pursuant to this chapter. The board may impose continuing education requirements upon a licensee for a violation of this chapter or the rules adopted pursuant thereto or if the board determines that the requirements are necessary to preserve the health, safety, or welfare of the public.

(4) Requirements for the licensure of barber schools, barber teachers, and assistant barber teachers;

(5) Requirements for students of barber schools;

(6) Any other area the board determines appropriate to administer or enforce this chapter.

(K) Annually review the rules adopted pursuant to division (J) of this section in order to compare those rules with the rules adopted by the state board of cosmetology pursuant to section 4713.08 of the Revised Code. If the barber board determines that the rules adopted by the state board of cosmetology, including, but not limited to, rules concerning using career technical schools, would be beneficial to the barbering profession, the barber board shall adopt rules similar to those it determines would be beneficial for barbers.

(L) Prior to adopting any rule under this chapter, indicate at a formal hearing the reasons why the rule is necessary as a protection of the persons who use barber services or as an improvement of the professional standing of barbers in this state;

(M) Furnish each owner or manager of a barber shop and barber school with a copy of all sanitary rules adopted pursuant to division (J) of this section;

(N) Conduct such investigations and inspections of persons and establishments licensed or unlicensed pursuant to this chapter and for that purpose, any member of the board or any of its authorized agents may enter and inspect any place of business of a licensee or a person suspected of violating this chapter or the rules adopted pursuant thereto, during normal business hours;

(O) Upon the written request of an applicant and the payment of the appropriate fee, provide to the applicant licensure information concerning the applicant;

(P) Do all things necessary for the proper administration and enforcement of this chapter.

Effective Date: 06-30-1997; 09-29-2005

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