Ohio Revised Code § 4729.11 - Establishing Pharmacy Internship Program.

The state board of pharmacy shall establish a pharmacy internship program for the purpose of providing the practical experience necessary to practice as a pharmacist. Any individual who desires to become a pharmacy intern shall apply for licensure to the board. An application filed under this section may not be withdrawn without the approval of the board. Each applicant shall be issued an identification card and license as a pharmacy intern if in the opinion of the board the applicant is actively pursuing an educational program in preparation for licensure as a pharmacist and meets the other requirements as determined by the board. An identification card and license shall be valid until the next annual renewal date and shall be renewed only if the intern is meeting the requirements and rules of the board. The state board of pharmacy may appoint a director of pharmacy internship who is a licensed pharmacist and who is not directly or indirectly connected with a school or college of pharmacy or department of pharmacy of a university. The director of pharmacy internship shall be responsible to the board for the operation and direction of the pharmacy internship program established by the board under this section, and for such other duties as the board may assign.

Effective Date: 02-12-2001

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Last modified: October 10, 2016