Ohio Revised Code § 4909.45 - Information Furnished By Gas Or Natural Gas Company To Municipal Corporation.

Every gas or natural gas company shall, prior to accepting any rate, price, charge, toll, or rental fixed by ordinance of a municipal corporation, submit to the legislative authority of the municipal corporation the following information:

(A) A report of its property used and useful in rendering the service to be provided;

(B) A complete operating statement of the previous fiscal year, showing in detail all its receipts, revenues, and incomes from all sources, all of its operating costs and other expenditures, and any other information the public utility deems applicable;

(C) A statement of the income and expense anticipated under the ordinance;

(D) A statement of financial condition summarizing assets, liabilities, and net worth;

(E) A proposed notice for newspaper publication fully disclosing the substance of the ordinance. The notice shall further include the average percentage increase in rate that a representative industrial, commercial, and residential customer will bear should the ordinance be accepted. Such information and exhibits shall be in the same form as the public utilities commission by rule may require.

Effective Date: 06-22-1984

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Last modified: October 10, 2016