Ohio Revised Code § 5126.332 - Probable Cause Hearing.

(A) If an order is issued pursuant to section 5126.331 of the Revised Code, the court shall hold a hearing not later than twenty-four hours after the issuance to determine whether there is probable cause for the order, except that if the day following the day on which the order is issued is a weekend-day or legal holiday, the court shall hold the hearing on the next business day.

(B) At the hearing, the court:

(1) Shall consider the adult's choice of residence and determine whether protective services are the least restrictive alternative available for meeting the adult's needs;

(2) May issue temporary orders to protect the adult from immediate physical harm, including, but not limited to, temporary protection orders, evaluations, and orders requiring a party to vacate the adult's place of residence or legal settlement;

(3) May order emergency protective services.

(C) A temporary order issued pursuant to division (B)(2) of this section is effective for thirty days. The court may renew the order for an additional thirty-day period.

Effective Date: 01-30-2004

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Last modified: October 10, 2016