Ohio Revised Code § 5901.19 - Order To Maintain Dignified Burial Site Or For Removal And Reinterment - Maximum Expense To Be Specified.

Within thirty days after the next succeeding regular meeting, the veterans service commission shall act upon any petition presented as provided by section 5901.18 of the Revised Code, and, if true, it shall issue an order to maintain a dignified burial site with the agreement of the petitioners, or direct the removal of the remains of the deceased veteran or veterans to the cemetery designated in the petition, within the municipal corporation or township, in which the remains are then to be buried, and the commission shall specify in the order the maximum expense of the proposed removal and reinterment, including the expense incurred by the commission. The order shall designate the persons who shall have charge of the burial or removal and reinterment.

Effective Date: 07-22-1994

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