Ohio Revised Code § 5907.02 - Authority Of Director - Duties - Superintendent.

The director of veterans services shall govern the Ohio veterans' homes and have charge and custody of the homes' facilities. The director shall govern, conduct, and care for veterans' homes, the property of the homes, and the veterans residing in the homes.

All supplies for the veterans' homes shall be purchased as provided in sections 125.04 to 125.15 of the Revised Code.

The director shall appoint a superintendent of the Ohio veterans' homes upon any terms that are proper, and the superintendent, with the advice and consent of the director, shall employ aides, assistants, and employees, and perform other duties that may be assigned to the superintendent by the director or become necessary in the carrying out of the superintendent's duties. The superintendent shall be responsible directly to the director.

Subject to section 5907.021 of the Revised Code, the superintendent may appoint one or more employees at each veterans' home as veterans' home police officers authorized to act on the grounds of that home. The superintendent shall provide to those employees a copy of the rules that apply to their appointment. The rules shall specify whether or not the police officers may carry a firearm.

Subject to section 5907.021 of the Revised Code, the superintendent shall appoint a chief of police , determine the number of officers and other personnel required by each veterans' home, and establish salary schedules and other conditions of employment for veterans' homes police officers. The chief of police shall serve at the pleasure of the superintendent and shall recommend appointment of officers as the veterans' homes may require, subject to the rules and limits that the superintendent establishes regarding qualifications, salary ranges, and the number of personnel. The superintendent, with the approval of the director, may purchase or otherwise acquire any police apparatus, equipment, or materials, including a police communication system and vehicles, that the veterans' homes police officers may require. The superintendent may send one or more of the officers or employees nominated by the police chief to a school of instruction designed to provide additional training or skills related to their work assignment at their veterans' home. The superintendent may send those officers or employees to the Ohio peace officer training academy that the superintendent considers appropriate.

Amended by 128th General AssemblyFile No.54, HB 449, ยง1, eff. 9/17/2010.

Effective Date: 03-14-2003; 2008 SB289 08-22-2008

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