Ohio Revised Code § 5920.01 - Organization And Maintenance Of Ohio Military Reserve.

(A) The governor shall organize and maintain within this state on a cadre or reserve basis military forces capable of being expanded and trained to defend this state whenever the Ohio national guard, or a part thereof, is employed so as to leave this state without adequate defense. In case of an emergency proclaimed by the president, or the Congress of the United States, or the governor, or caused by enemy action or imminent danger thereof, the governor, as commander in chief, shall expand such forces as the exigency of the occasion requires. Such forces shall be organized and maintained under regulations which shall not be inconsistent with such regulations as the secretary of defense prescribes for discipline and training and shall be composed of officers commissioned and assigned, and such able-bodied citizens of the state as are accepted therein. Such forces shall be equipped with suitable uniforms not in violation of federal laws or contrary to the regulations of the secretary of defense. Such forces shall be known as the Ohio military reserve. During the period of organization on a cadre or reserve basis the commander in chief may fix lesser rates of pay for armory drill purposes or for service in encampments and maneuvers. In the event that the regulations of the department of defense are modified so as to recognize the Ohio military reserve as a part of the Ohio national guard not subject to induction into federal service, the laws pertaining to the Ohio national guard shall apply to the Ohio military reserve and it shall be known as a component of the Ohio national guard.

(B) The commander of the Ohio military reserve shall report all expenditures and the use of all funds by the Ohio military reserve to the general assembly. The commander annually shall deliver the report, in writing, within three months of the end of the state fiscal year.

Effective Date: 09-23-1985; 09-29-2005

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Last modified: October 10, 2016