Ohio Revised Code § 5923.051 - State Employees Called To Active Duty Continuation Or Reactivation Of Health Benefit Coverage.

Notwithstanding sections 1751.54, 3923.381, and 3923.382 of the Revised Code, the state and any agency, authority, commission, or board of the state, at the request of any person who is employed by the state or any of those entities who is called or ordered to duty as described in division (C) of section 5923.05 of the Revised Code, or at the request of the spouse or dependent of such a person, shall continue or reactivate the health, medical, hospital, dental, vision, and surgical benefits coverage of the person, whether provided by an insurance company, health insuring corporation, or other health plan or entity, for the duration of the time the person is on duty as described in that division. The person, or the spouse or dependent of the person, who requests the continuation or reactivation of the coverage and the employing state or state entity are each liable for payment of the same costs for the coverage as if the person were not on a leave of absence.

Effective Date: 12-13-2001

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Last modified: October 10, 2016