Ohio Revised Code § 6131.09 - Preliminary Report By County Engineer.

When notified of the filing of a petition authorized by section 6131.04 of the Revised Code, the county engineer shall prepare a preliminary estimate of the cost of the proposed improvement. The engineer shall file at the first hearing, as a guide to the commissioners and the petitioners, a preliminary report including his preliminary estimate of cost, his comment on feasibility of the project, and a statement of his opinion as to whether benefits from the project are likely to exceed the estimated cost. The preliminary report shall list all factors apparent to the engineer, both favorable and unfavorable to the proposed improvement, so that the petitioners may be informed as to what is involved. In addition to reporting on the improvement as petitioned, the engineer may submit alternate proposals to accomplish the prayer of the petition. The county commissioners may require the county engineer to file any additional preliminary reports, of whatever nature, that in the opinion of the board will serve as a guide to the board and the petitioners in deciding whether to proceed with the proposed improvement. The costs incurred by the engineer in making preliminary reports may be paid from the bond of the petitioners if the petition is dismissed at the first hearing, and any amount in excess of the bond shall be paid from county funds. If the engineer's costs are not paid from the petitioners' bond, they shall be paid from county funds.

Effective Date: 04-09-1981

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