Ohio Revised Code § 6135.06 - Joint Board Hearing And View Of Premises.

After the boards of county commissioners resolve themselves into a joint board of county commissioners, as provided in section 6135.03 of the Revised Code, and after finding that a petition and bond conditioned as required by law have been filed, the joint board shall view the route petitioned for. If the joint board finds the improvement so prayed for is necessary and will be conducive to public health, welfare, or convenience, and that such route is the best one to accomplish the desired relief, it shall locate the ditch, or order the widening or deepening of the ditch, drain, or watercourse in substantial conformity with the prayer of the petition. If the route described is not the best in its opinion, it shall locate the improvement on the route best adapted to secure the relief desired, with the best contingent results, and may locate all the necessary branch ditches. If it finds against the location, deepening, or widening of the improvement, no further proceedings shall be had under this petition after said report, and the costs shall be collected of the petitioners and their bondsmen.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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