Ohio Revised Code § 727.13 - Notice Of Passage Of Resolution Of Necessity And Filing Of Estimated Assessment.

Notice of the passage of a resolution of necessity and the filing of the estimated assessment under section 727.12 of the Revised Code, shall, after the estimated assessment has been made and filed as provided by section 727.12 of the Revised Code, be served by the clerk of the legislative authority, or a person designated by such clerk, upon the owners of the lots or parcels of land to be assessed for the proposed improvement, in the same manner as service of summons in civil cases, or by certified mail addressed to such owner at his last known address or to the address to which tax bills are sent, or by a combination of the foregoing methods. If it appears by the return of service or the return of the certified mail notice that one or more of the owners cannot be found, such owners shall be served by publication of the notice once in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipal corporation. The notice shall also set forth the place where such estimated assessments are on file and are open for public inspection. The return of the person serving the notice or a certified copy thereof or a returned receipt for notice forwarded by certified mail accepted by the addressee or anyone purporting to act for him shall be prima facie evidence of the service of notice under this section.

Effective Date: 01-01-1962

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Last modified: October 10, 2016