Ohio Revised Code § 727.49 - Constructing Portion Of Plan.

After a general plan has been approved under section 727.47 of the Revised Code, the legislative authority of the municipal corporation shall designate, from time to time, such portion of the general plan as is required for immediate use and may provide for the construction thereof. In the event the cost of the construction of such portion of the plan as is designated for immediate use is to be paid for in whole or in part by special assessments the legislative authority may treat such construction as a single improvement in one resolution, ordinance, or contract and the provisions of sections 727.01 to 727.08, inclusive, and 727.10 to 727.43, inclusive, of the Revised Code shall apply to such construction and the levy and collection of the special assessments to pay the cost thereof.

Effective Date: 01-01-1962

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Last modified: October 10, 2016