Oregon Statutes - Chapter 1 - Courts and Judicial Officers Generally - Section 1.050 - Time for decision on submitted questions; certificate of compliance with requirement; penalty for false certificate.

Any question submitted to any judge of any court of, or any justice of the peace in, any of the courts of this state, excepting the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals and the judges thereof, must be decided and the decision rendered within three months after submission, unless prevented by sickness or unavoidable casualty, or the time be extended by stipulation in writing signed by the counsel for the respective parties and filed with the judge before the expiration of said three months. This section is mandatory, and no officer shall sign or issue any warrant for the payment of the salary or any installment of the salary of any such judge or justice of the peace unless the voucher for such warrant shall contain or be accompanied by a certificate of such judge or justice of the peace that all matters submitted to the judge or justice of the peace for decision three months or more prior to the filing of said voucher have been decided as required herein; and, in case the time has been extended by stipulation in writing, or a decision has been prevented by sickness or unavoidable casualty, said certificate shall state the facts excusing the delay. The making and filing of a false certificate shall be just cause for complaint to the legislature and removal of said judge or justice of the peace. [Amended by 1969 c.198 §17]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008