Oregon Statutes - Chapter 1 - Courts and Judicial Officers Generally - Section 1.198 - Exemptions from requirements of ORS 1.197.

(1) ORS 1.197 does not apply to liquidated and delinquent accounts that are prohibited by state or federal law or regulation from assignment or collection.

(2) Notwithstanding ORS 1.197, a state court or a commission, department or division in the judicial branch of state government, acting in its sole discretion, may choose not to offer a liquidated and delinquent account to a private collection agency or to the Department of Revenue if the account:

(a) Is secured by a consensual security interest in real or personal property;

(b) Is based on that part of a judgment that requires payment of restitution or a payment to the Crime Victims’ Assistance section of the Criminal Justice Division of the Department of Justice;

(c) Is in litigation, mediation or arbitration or is subject to a stay in bankruptcy proceedings;

(d) Is owed by a local or state government or by the federal government;

(e) Is owed by a debtor who is hospitalized in a state hospital as defined in ORS 162.135 or who is on public assistance as defined in ORS 411.010;

(f) Consists of moneys for which a district attorney has assumed collection responsibility under ORS 8.680;

(g) Consists of moneys owed by a person who is incarcerated;

(h) Is an account that was previously offered to a private collection agency and was refused, or that was previously assigned to a private collection agency and the agency thereafter relinquished the account;

(i) Is less than $100, including penalties; or

(j) Would result in loss of federal funding if assigned. [2001 c.823 §14]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008