Oregon Statutes - Chapter 1 - Courts and Judicial Officers Generally - Section 1.415 - Powers and duties of commission; rules.

(1) The Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability may:

(a) Subject to the State Personnel Relations Law, appoint such subordinates and employees as the commission considers necessary to carry out the duties and powers vested in the commission.

(b) Request the assistance of and compensate physicians, expert witnesses and special counsel.

(c) By its chairperson or vice chairperson, take and preserve testimony and administer oaths to witnesses on any matter within its jurisdiction.

(2) Upon majority vote of the members of the commission or upon request of a judge whose conduct is subject to a hearing under ORS 1.420 or a judge whose alleged disability is subject to a hearing under ORS 1.425, the chairperson or vice chairperson of the commission shall issue any processes necessary to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of any books, papers, records or documents as may be required.

(3) The commission shall adopt rules of procedure governing proceedings under ORS 1.420 and 1.425. [1967 c.294 §10; 1987 c.520 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008