Oregon Statutes - Chapter 100 - Condominiums - Section 100.650 - Service of process on nonresident developer; consent for service on commissioner; contents of consent; records of service on commissioner.

(1) Every nonresident developer, at the time of filing the information required by ORS 100.635, shall also file with the Real Estate Commissioner an irrevocable consent that if, in any suit or action commenced against the nonresident developer in this state arising out of a violation of any provision of this chapter, personal service of summons or process upon the nonresident developer cannot be made in this state after the exercise of due diligence, a valid service may thereupon be made upon the nonresident developer by service on the commissioner.

(2) The consent shall be in writing executed and verified by an officer of a corporation or association, a general partner of a partnership or by an individual developer and shall set forth:

(a) The name of the developer.

(b) The address to which documents served upon the commissioner are to be forwarded.

(c) If the developer is a corporation or unincorporated association, that the consent signed by such officer was authorized by resolution duly adopted by the board of directors.

(3) The address for forwarding documents served under this section may be changed by filing a new consent in the form prescribed in subsection (2) of this section.

(4) Service on the commissioner of any such process shall be made by delivery to the commissioner or a clerk on duty in any office of the commissioner, duplicate copies of such process, with duplicate copies of any papers required by law to be delivered in connection with such service.

(5) When the commissioner is served with any such process, the commissioner shall immediately cause one of the copies thereof, with any accompanying papers, to be forwarded by registered mail or by certified mail with return receipt to the developer at the address set forth in the consent.

(6) The commissioner shall keep a record of all processes, notices and demands served upon the commissioner under this section, and shall record therein the time of such service and the action with reference thereto. [Formerly 94.348; 1991 c.249 §12]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008