Oregon Statutes - Chapter 101 - Continuing Care Retirement Communities - Section 101.030 - Registration of continuing care retirement community providers.

(1) A provider shall register with the Department of Human Services before the provider:

(a) Enters into a residency agreement with a nonresident;

(b) Extends the terms of a residentís existing residency agreement; or

(c) Solicits either a resident or nonresident to pay an application fee or execute a residency agreement.

(2) The provider shall apply for registration with the department on forms prescribed by the department. The application shall include a disclosure statement as described in ORS 101.050.

(3) Within 10 business days after receipt of the application for registration from a new continuing care retirement community, the department shall issue a notice of filing to the provider applicant. Within 60 days of the notice of filing, the department shall enter an order registering the provider or rejecting the registration. If no order of rejection is entered within 60 days from the date of notice of filing, the provider shall be considered registered unless the provider has consented in writing to an extension of time. If no order of rejection is entered within the time period as so extended, the provider shall be considered registered.

(4) If the department determines that the requirements of ORS 101.050, 101.090 and 101.130 have been met, it shall enter an order registering the provider. If the department determines that any of the requirements of ORS 101.050 and 101.130 have not been met, the department shall notify the applicant that the application for registration must be corrected within 30 days in such particulars as are designated by the department. If the requirements are not met within the time allowed, the department may enter an order rejecting the registration. The order shall include the findings of fact upon which the order is based and which shall not become effective until 20 days after the end of the foregoing 30-day period. During the 20-day period, the applicant may petition for reconsideration and shall be entitled to a hearing. An order of rejection shall not take effect, in any event, until such time as the hearing, once requested, has been given to the applicant and a decision is rendered by the administrative law judge that sustains the departmentís decision to reject the registration. [1989 c.693 §7; 1991 c.67 §19; 2003 c.75 §82; 2005 c.22 §79]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008