Oregon Statutes - Chapter 105 - Property Rights - Section 105.161 - Service and enforcement of writ of execution and eviction trespass notice.

(1) Following issuance of the writ of execution of judgment of restitution and payment of any fees required by the sheriff, the sheriff shall immediately enforce and serve the writ upon the defendant, along with the eviction trespass notice, as follows:

(a) The sheriff shall mail a copy of the writ and the eviction trespass notice by first class mail to the defendant at the premises;

(b) The sheriff shall serve the writ and the eviction trespass notice at the premises by personal delivery to the defendant or, if the defendant is not available for service, by attaching the writ and notice in a secure manner to the main entrance to that portion of the premises of which the defendant has possession;

(c) Immediately following the service of the writ and the eviction trespass notice, the sheriff shall return possession of the premises to the plaintiff by removing the defendant or any other person subject to the judgment; and

(d) Following the sheriff’s removal of the defendant and return of possession of the premises to the plaintiff, the plaintiff shall be responsible for removing, storing and disposing of any personal property left by the defendant on the premises, as provided by ORS 105.165.

(2) Following issuance of the writ, at the plaintiff’s request, the sheriff shall delay enforcement and service of the writ.

(3) Any writ not enforced and served within 30 days following issuance shall expire and become unenforceable.

(4) A judgment may not be enforced if the parties have entered a new rental agreement or if the plaintiff has accepted rent for a period of occupancy beginning after the judgment was entered. [2001 c.596 §21 (105.151, 105.152, 105.153, 105.156, 105.157, 105.158, 105.159 and 105.161 enacted in lieu of 105.154); 2003 c.378 §31]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008