Oregon Statutes - Chapter 125 - Protective Proceedings - Section 125.650 - Other protective orders.

(1) The court may enter protective orders without the appointment of a fiduciary or in addition to appointment of a fiduciary. A petition for a protective order that does not seek the appointment of a fiduciary is subject to all requirements prescribed for petitions for appointment of a fiduciary. A court may enter a protective order other than appointment of a fiduciary only upon a determination that grounds exist for the appointment of a fiduciary.

(2) In issuing protective orders under this section, the court may exercise any power that could be exercised by a guardian or conservator in a protective proceeding, or any power that could be exercised by the court in a protective proceeding in which a fiduciary is appointed.

(3) Before entering a protective order under this section, the court shall consider the interests of creditors and dependents of the protected person and whether the protected person needs the continuing protection of a fiduciary.

(4) The court may appoint a fiduciary whose authority is limited to a specified time and whose power is limited to certain acts needed to implement the protective order. A fiduciary appointed under this subsection need only make such report to the court as the court may require.

(5) In addition to any other protective order that may be entered under this section, the court may authorize, direct or ratify:

(a) Any transaction necessary or desirable to achieve any security, service or care arrangement meeting the foreseeable needs of the protected person, including but not limited to payment, delivery, deposit or retention of funds or property, sale, mortgage, lease or other transfer of property, entry into an annuity contract, a contract for life care, a deposit contract, a contract for training and education, or addition to or establishment of a suitable trust.

(b) Any contract, trust or other transaction relating to the protected personís financial affairs or involving the estate of the person if the court determines that the transaction is in the best interests of the protected person. [1995 c.664 §66]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008