Oregon Statutes - Chapter 128 - Trusts; Charitable Activities - Section 128.575 - Filing with Office of Secretary of State required; fees; amendments.

(1) Any business trust desiring to do business in this state shall first submit to the Office of Secretary of State a copy of the trust instrument creating the trust and any subsequent amendments to the trust and a document setting forth:

(a) The business trust name and the state or country of formation;

(b) The names and addresses of its trustees;

(c) The street address of the business trustís registered office in this state and the name of the registered agent;

(d) A mailing address to which the Secretary of State may mail notices; and

(e) Any additional identifying information that the Secretary of State by rule may require.

(2) The filing described in subsection (1) of this section shall be accompanied by the applicable filing fee.

(3) If the Secretary of State finds that the document contains the required information, the Secretary of State, when all fees have been paid, shall file the trust instrument and document and return an acknowledgment of filing to the sender.

(4) If a business trust amends its trust instrument it shall submit for filing a copy of the amendment to the Office of Secretary of State. The amendment shall set forth:

(a) The name of the business trust as shown on the records of the Office of Secretary of State; and

(b) The information as changed. [1971 c.491 §4; 1973 c.367 §12; 1985 c.351 §21; 1985 c.728 §81a; 1987 c.94 §128; 1995 c.215 §24; 1999 c.486 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008