Oregon Statutes - Chapter 128 - Trusts; Charitable Activities - Section 128.823 - Designation of amount to be paid to beneficiaries; manner of specification; minimum amount payable.

(1) No person shall engage in commercial fund raising solicitations unless there is a designated amount to be paid to nonprofit beneficiaries. Where the nonprofit beneficiary is identified in the solicitation campaign, the amount shall be specified in a contract or letter of agreement with such a beneficiary. The amount shall be specified in terms of:

(a) An amount per unit of the goods or services to be purchased;

(b) A specified percentage of the gross funds solicited; or

(c) A good faith estimate of the gross funds solicited.

(2) Nonprofit beneficiaries shall receive no less than 90 percent of the designated estimate under subsection (1)(c) of this section. Any designated amount shall exclude any amount which the nonprofit beneficiary is to pay as expenses of the solicitation campaign, such as all costs of the goods or services sold or cost of fund raising events staged. [1991 c.532 §5]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008