Oregon Statutes - Chapter 133 - Arrest and Related Procedures; Search and Seizure; Extradition - Section 133.068 - Contents of criminal citation issued without complaint.

A criminal citation issued without a form of complaint must contain:

(1) The name of the court at which the cited person is to appear.

(2) The name of the person cited.

(3) A brief description of the offense for which the person is charged, the date, time and place at which the offense occurred, the date on which the citation was issued, and the name of the peace officer who issued the citation.

(4) The date, time and place at which the person cited is to appear in court, and a summons to so appear.

(5) Whether a complaint or information had been filed with the court at the time the citation was issued.

(6) If the arrest was made by a private party, the name of the arresting person.

(7) The following:



This citation is not a complaint or an information. A complaint or an information may be filed and you will be provided a copy thereof at the time of your first appearance. You MUST appear in court at the time set in the citation. IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR AND A COMPLAINT OR INFORMATION HAS BEEN FILED, THE COURT WILL IMMEDIATELY ISSUE A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST.


[1999 c.1051 §60]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008