Oregon Statutes - Chapter 136 - Criminal Trials - Section 136.460 - Verdict where crime consists of degrees.

(1) Upon a charge for a crime consisting of different degrees, the jury may find the defendant not guilty of the degree charged in the accusatory instrument and guilty of any degree inferior thereto or of an attempt to commit the crime or any such inferior degree thereof.

(2) The jury shall first consider the charged offense. Only if the jury finds the defendant not guilty of the charged offense may the jury consider a lesser included offense. If there is more than one lesser included offense, the jury shall consider the lesser included offenses in order of seriousness. The jury may consider a less serious lesser included offense only after finding the defendant not guilty of any more serious lesser included offenses.

(3) When a jury finds a defendant guilty of a lesser included offense, the court, upon a request by the state or defendant, shall poll the jury on the original charge. If fewer than the required number of jurors vote to find the defendant not guilty on the original charge, the court shall not receive the verdict and shall instruct the jury to continue deliberations.

(4) If the jury is unable to reach a decision on the original charge, the state and defendant may stipulate that the jury may consider any lesser included offense. [Formerly 136.650; 1997 c.511 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008