Oregon Statutes - Chapter 183 - Administrative Procedures Act; Legislative Review of Rules; Civil Penalties - Section 183.450 - Evidence in contested cases.

In contested cases:

(1) Irrelevant, immaterial or unduly repetitious evidence shall be excluded but erroneous rulings on evidence shall not preclude agency action on the record unless shown to have substantially prejudiced the rights of a party. All other evidence of a type commonly relied upon by reasonably prudent persons in conduct of their serious affairs shall be admissible. Agencies and hearing officers shall give effect to the rules of privilege recognized by law. Objections to evidentiary offers may be made and shall be noted in the record. Any part of the evidence may be received in written form.

(2) All evidence shall be offered and made a part of the record in the case, and except for matters stipulated to and except as provided in subsection (4) of this section no other factual information or evidence shall be considered in the determination of the case. Documentary evidence may be received in the form of copies or excerpts, or by incorporation by reference. The burden of presenting evidence to support a fact or position in a contested case rests on the proponent of the fact or position.

(3) Every party shall have the right of cross-examination of witnesses who testify and shall have the right to submit rebuttal evidence. Persons appearing in a limited party status shall participate in the manner and to the extent prescribed by rule of the agency.

(4) The hearing officer and agency may take notice of judicially cognizable facts, and may take official notice of general, technical or scientific facts within the specialized knowledge of the hearing officer or agency. Parties shall be notified at any time during the proceeding but in any event prior to the final decision of material officially noticed and they shall be afforded an opportunity to contest the facts so noticed. The hearing officer and agency may utilize the hearing officer’s or agency’s experience, technical competence and specialized knowledge in the evaluation of the evidence presented.

(5) No sanction shall be imposed or order be issued except upon consideration of the whole record or such portions thereof as may be cited by any party, and as supported by, and in accordance with, reliable, probative and substantial evidence. [1957 c.717 §9; 1971 c.734 §15; 1975 c.759 §12; 1977 c.798 §3; 1979 c.593 §21; 1987 c.833 §1; 1995 c.272 §5; 1997 c.391 §1; 1997 c.801 §76; 1999 c.448 §5; 1999 c.849 §34]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008