Oregon Statutes - Chapter 184 - Administrative Services and Transportation Departments - Section 184.475 - Information technology portfolio-based management; inventory; standards; rules; exception.

(1) The purposes of information technology portfolio-based management are to:

(a) Ensure that state agencies link their information technology investments with business plans;

(b) Facilitate risk assessment of information technology projects and investments;

(c) Ensure that state agencies justify information technology investments on the basis of sound business cases;

(d) Ensure that state agencies facilitate development and review of information technology performance related to business operations;

(e) Identify projects that can cross agency and program lines to leverage resources; and

(f) Assist in state government-wide planning for common, shared information technology infrastructure.

(2) The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall integrate state agency strategic and business planning, technology planning and budgeting and project expenditure processes into the department’s information technology portfolio-based management.

(3) In cooperation with state agencies, the department shall conduct and maintain a continuous inventory of each state agency’s current and planned investments in information technology, a compilation of information about those assets and the total life cycle cost of those assets. The department shall develop and implement state government-wide standards, processes and procedures for the required inventory and for the management of the state government-wide information technology portfolio. State agencies shall participate in the information technology portfolio-based management and shall comply with the standards, processes and procedures established by the department under this subsection. The provisions of this subsection do not relieve any state agency from accountability for equipment, materials, supplies and tangible and intangible personal property under its control.

(4) The department shall ensure that state agencies implement portfolio-based management of information technology resources in accordance with this section and with rules adopted by the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

(5) This section does not apply to competitive research grants and contracts at institutions of higher education listed in ORS 352.002.

(6) In implementing the provisions of this section, the department shall submit state government-wide policies for review to the Joint Legislative Committee on Information Management and Technology. [2001 c.936 §2]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008