Oregon Statutes - Chapter 192 - Records; Public Reports and Meetings - Section 192.235 - Policy for ORS 192.230 to 192.250.

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(a) Many state agency reports are published for reasons that are historical and no longer based on the publicís need to be informed.

(b) The format of many state agency reports is not economical or well suited to providing needed information in easily understandable form.

(c) State agency reports containing information that is useful but not to the general public should be placed on a self-supporting schedule.

(2) It is the policy of the Legislative Assembly to encourage state agencies to inform the public, the Legislative Assembly and the Governor of matters of public interest and concern. It is further the policy of this state to guarantee to its citizens the right to know about the activities of their government, to benefit from the information developed by state agencies at public expense and to enjoy equal access to the information services of state agencies. It is further state policy to encourage agencies to consider whether needed information is most effectively and economically presented by means of printed reports. [1991 c.842 §2]

Note: See note under 192.230.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008