Oregon Statutes - Chapter 194 - Notaries Public - Section 194.005 - Definitions for ORS 194.005 to 194.200.

As used in ORS 194.005 to 194.200:

(1) “Commercial paper” means such instruments as are within the scope of ORS chapter 73, including drafts, checks, certificates of deposit and notes.

(2) “Commission” means to empower to perform notarial acts and the written authority to perform those acts.

(3) “Good moral character” means character other than that which reflects moral turpitude and conduct which would cause a reasonable person to have substantial doubts about an individual’s honesty, fairness and respect for the rights of others and for the laws of the state and the nation. To be relevant to deciding whether a person is of “good moral character,” conduct of questionable good moral character must be rationally connected to the applicant’s fitness to be a notary public.

(4) “Notarial act” and “notarization” have the meaning given those terms under ORS 194.505.

(5) “Notarial certificate” and “certificate” mean the part of, or attachment to, a notarized document for completion by the notary and bearing the notary’s signature and official seal.

(6) “Notarial journal” means the journal described under ORS 194.152.

(7) “Notary public” and “notary” mean any person commissioned to perform notarial acts under ORS 194.005 to 194.200.

(8) “Official misconduct” means a notary’s performance of or failure to perform any act prohibited or mandated respectively by ORS 194.005 to 194.200 or 194.505 to 194.595, or any rule adopted under ORS 194.005 to 194.200 or 194.505 to 194.595, or any other law governing notarization. [1967 c.541 §12; 1983 c.393 §12a; 1989 c.976 §1]

(Appointment and Commission)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008