Oregon Statutes - Chapter 221 - Organization and Government of Cities - Section 221.903 - Bond and oath of officers.

The recorder, treasurer and marshal mentioned in ORS 221.902 shall, before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, each execute a bond to the city in such penal sum as the council by ordinance may determine upon, conditioned for the faithful performance of duties, including in the same bond the duties of all offices of which the recorder, treasurer or marshal is ex officio incumbent under ORS 221.901 to 221.928. The bond shall be approved by the council before the officer enters upon the discharge of duties. The bonds when approved shall be filed with the recorder, except the bond of the recorder, which shall be filed with the mayor. All the provisions of any law of this state relating to official bonds of officers shall apply to such bonds, except as otherwise provided in ORS 221.901 to 221.928. Every officer of the city, before entering upon the duties of office, shall take and file with the recorder an oath to honestly and faithfully discharge the duties of office, and that the officer will support the laws and Constitution of this state and of the United States to the best of the ability of the officer.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008