Oregon Statutes - Chapter 223 - Local Improvements and Works Generally - Section 223.141 - Definitions for ORS 223.141 to 223.161.

As used in ORS 223.141 to 223.161, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) “Business license fee” means any fee paid by a person to a city for any form of license that is required by the city in order to conduct business in that city.

(2) “Conducting business” means to engage in any business, trade, occupation or profession in pursuit of gain including activities carried on by a person through officers, agents and employees as well as activities carried on by a person on that person’s own behalf.

(3) “Council” means the city council or other controlling body of a city.

(4) “Economic improvement” means:

(a) The planning or management of development or improvement activities.

(b) Landscaping or other maintenance of public areas.

(c) Promotion of commercial activity or public events.

(d) Activities in support of business recruitment and development.

(e) Improvements in parking systems or parking enforcement.

(f) Any other economic improvement activity for which an assessment may be made on property specially benefited thereby. [1991 c.698 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008