Oregon Statutes - Chapter 223 - Local Improvements and Works Generally - Section 223.210 - Right of property owners to apply for installment payment of assessment.

(1) If the governing body of a local government has proceeded to cause any local improvement to be constructed or made within the corporate limits of the local government, and has determined the final assessment for the local improvement against the property benefited thereby or liable therefor, according to applicable law, the local government shall cause notice of the final assessment to be published. The notice shall identify the local improvement for which the assessment is to be made, each lot to be assessed and the final assessment for each lot. In addition, the notice shall state that the owner of any property to be assessed shall have the right to make application to the local government for payment of the final assessment in installments as provided in this section. A copy of the notice shall be mailed or personally delivered to the owner of each lot to be assessed.

(2) The owner of any property to be so assessed, at any time within 10 days after notice of final assessment is first published, may file with the recorder a written application to pay:

(a) The whole of the final assessment in installments; or

(b) If part of the final assessment has been paid, the unpaid balance of the assessment in installments.

(3) At the option of the local government, an installment application may be filed more than 10 days after notice of the final assessment is first published. [Amended by 1957 c.103 §2; 1957 c.397 §1; 1967 c.239 §1; 1991 c.902 §9; 2003 c.802 §5]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008