Oregon Statutes - Chapter 223 - Local Improvements and Works Generally - Section 223.415 - Basis for, amount and method of reassessment.

The reassessment shall be based upon the special and peculiar benefit of the local improvement to the respective lots at the time of the original making of the local improvement. The amount of the reassessment shall not be limited to the amount of the original estimated or final assessment. In the case of a reassessment of a final assessment:

(1) The property embraced in the reassessment shall be limited to property embraced in the original final assessment;

(2) Property on which the original final assessment was paid in full shall not be included in the reassessment; and

(3) Interest from the date of delinquency of the original final assessment may be added by the governing body to the reassessment in cases where the property was included in the original final assessment, but such interest shall not apply to any portion of the reassessment that exceeds the amount of the original final assessment. The reassessment shall be made in an equitable manner as nearly as may be in accordance with the law in force at the time the local improvement was made, but the governing body may adopt a different plan of apportioning benefits or exclude portions of the district when in its judgment it is essential to secure an equitable assessment. Credit shall be allowed on the new assessment for all payments made on the original final assessment. [Amended by 1991 c.902 §44]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008