Oregon Statutes - Chapter 223 - Local Improvements and Works Generally - Section 223.523 - Notice of sale; publication; personal notice to property owner and occupant.

(1) Before a sale of real property under ORS 223.505 to 223.590 takes place, the treasurer shall have notice of the sale printed once a week for four successive weeks in a daily or weekly newspaper, as defined in ORS 193.010, generally circulated in the county in which the sale will be held. The notice of sale shall set forth the name and address of the treasurer conducting the sale, a particular description of the real property to be sold, including a street address, if any, the name of the owner of the property, the amount unpaid on the lien or final assessment and the date, time and place of sale, which shall be held in accordance with ORS 86.745 (7).

(2) The treasurer shall send a copy of the first of the four published notices by registered or certified mail to both the owner of the real property to be sold at the last-known post-office address of the owner or place of residence and to the occupant, if any, of the real property to be sold. The treasurer shall also send a notice containing the same information required in a published notice under subsection (1) of this section by registered or certified mail at least 60 days prior to the sale to any person requesting notice under ORS 86.785 and to any person having a lien or other interest in the real property to be sold if the lien or interest appears of record. The treasurer shall retain and file the return receipt for the registered or certified mail. [1977 c.403 §2; 1985 c.231 §1; 1991 c.902 §58]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008