Oregon Statutes - Chapter 238 - Public Employees Retirement System - Section 238.630 - Board generally; rules.

(1) The governing authority of the system shall be a board known as the Public Employees Retirement Board and consisting of five members appointed by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Senate in the manner provided in ORS 171.562 and 171.565. Except as otherwise provided in ORS 238.640, the term of each member shall be three years. The Governor shall designate one member to serve as chairperson, who shall serve as chairperson at the pleasure of the Governor.

(2) The board shall have:

(a) The powers and privileges of a corporation, including the right to sue and be sued in its own name as such board; and

(b) The power and duty, subject to the limitations of this chapter and ORS chapter 238A, of managing the system.

(3) The board:

(a) Shall arrange for actuarial service for the system;

(b) Shall employ a director;

(c) Shall create such other positions as it deems necessary to sound and economical administration of the system, which positions the director shall fill by appointment;

(d) Shall, with the approval of the Director of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, and as otherwise provided by law, fix the salaries of all persons employed for purposes of administering the system;

(e) Shall publish and distribute to all employer and employee members of the system an annual report including a summary of investments of moneys in the fund, investment earnings, significant legislative or administrative changes in the system and other pertinent information on the operation of the system for the preceding year;

(f) Shall determine the actuarial equivalency of optional forms of retirement allowances and pensions and adopt for that purpose the necessary actuarial equivalency factor tables in the manner provided by ORS 238.607, which shall constitute a part of the system; and

(g) Shall adopt rules and take all actions necessary to maintain qualification of the Public Employees Retirement System and the Public Employees Retirement Fund as a qualified governmental retirement plan and trust under the Internal Revenue Code and under regulations adopted pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code. Rules under this paragraph may impose limits on contributions to the system, limits on benefits payable from the system and other limitations or procedures required or imposed under federal law or regulation for the purpose of qualification of the Public Employees Retirement System and Public Employees Retirement Fund under the Internal Revenue Code as a governmental retirement plan and trust.

(4) The board established by this section shall succeed to all the duties and prerogatives of the Public Employees Retirement Board created by chapter 401, Oregon Laws 1945, in relation to the Public Employees Retirement Fund, and in addition shall perform all duties required of it by ORS 237.950 to 237.980, in regard to moneys payable to or from such fund.

(5) The board shall identify by rule those records that must be maintained by participating public employers for the purposes of subsection (3)(g) of this section. A participating public employer shall maintain records for all employees who are members of the system as required by board rules, and shall provide that information to the board upon request. [Formerly 237.251; 1997 c.121 §3; 2001 c.945 §6; 2003 c.68 §8; 2003 c.69 §1; 2003 c.733 §57]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008