Oregon Statutes - Chapter 241 - Civil Service for County Employees - Section 241.525 - Corrupt practices prohibited.

No public officer and no person who is nominated or seeks nomination or appointment for public office shall use, or promise to use, directly or indirectly, any official authority or influence, whether then possessed or merely anticipated, in the way of conferring upon any person, or in order to secure or aid any person to secure, any office or appointment in the public service, or any nomination, confirmation or promotion, or increase of salary, on consideration that the vote, political influence or action of the last named person or any other shall be given or used in behalf of any candidate, officer or political party or association, or upon any other corrupt condition or consideration. No public officer or employee, or person having or claiming to have any authority or influence for or affecting the nomination, public employment, confirmation, promotion, removal or increase or decrease of salary of any public officer or employee, shall corruptly use, or promise or threaten to use, any such authority or influence, directly or indirectly, in order to coerce or persuade the political vote or action of any citizen, or the removal, discharge or promotion of any public officer or public employee, or upon any corrupt consideration. As used in this section, the phrase “public officer” includes all public officials within the county, whether paid directly or indirectly from the public treasury of the United States, the state or any civil division thereof, including counties and cities, and whether by fees or otherwise; and the phrase “public employee” includes every person not being an officer who is paid from any such treasury.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008