Oregon Statutes - Chapter 246 - Administration of Election Laws; Vote Recording Systems - Section 246.550 - Examination and approval of equipment by Secretary of State.

(1) The Secretary of State shall publicly examine all makes of voting machines or vote tally systems submitted to the secretary and determine whether the machines or systems comply with the requirements of ORS 246.560, and can safely be used by electors.

(2) Any person owning or interested in a voting machine or vote tally system may submit it to the secretary for examination. For the purpose of assistance in examining the machine or system the secretary may employ not more than three individuals who are expert in one or more of the fields of data processing, mechanical engineering and public administration. The compensation of these assistants shall be paid by the person submitting the machine or system.

(3) Not later than the 30th day after completing the examination, the secretary shall approve or reject the voting machine or vote tally system. If the secretary approves the machine or system, the secretary shall make a report on the machine or system, together with a written or printed description, drawings and photographs clearly identifying the machine or system and its operation. Upon request, the secretary shall send a copy of the report to any governing body within the state.

(4) Any voting machine or vote tally system approved by the secretary may be used for conducting elections. A machine or system rejected by the secretary may not be used at any election. If a machine or system is changed after the machine or system has been approved by the secretary, the secretary is not required to reexamine or reapprove the machine or system if the secretary determines that the change does not impair the accuracy, efficiency or capacity of the machine or system.

(5) If, after consulting with county clerks, the secretary determines that a voting machine or vote tally system approved by the secretary does not comply with the requirements of ORS 246.560, the secretary may revoke the approval. If the secretary revokes approval, the machine or system may not be used in any election. [Formerly 258.155; 2005 c.731 §2; 2005 c.797 §65]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008