Oregon Statutes - Chapter 261 - People's Utility Districts - Section 261.115 - Contents of electorsí petition; certification.

(1) All electorsí petitions shall contain a statement as to whether or not the petitioners are desirous of forming a utility district, or to annex territory to an existing utility district, or to consolidate two or more existing utility districts, the description of the territory sought to be included therein and the name by which the utility district is to be known. The statement shall be printed on a separate page or pages.

(2) There shall be a signature sheet with sufficient space for 20 signatures, and opposite the name of each signer, a space for the residence address of the signers of the petition and the number of their voting precinct. The circulator shall certify on each signature sheet that the circulator:

(a) Witnessed the signing of the signature sheet by each individual whose signature appears on the signature sheet; and

(b) Believes that each individual stated the correct residence address of the individual and that the individual is an elector.

(3) An electorsí petition shall designate three or more persons as chief petitioners and shall set forth their names and mailing addresses. [Amended by 1979 c.558 §9; 1983 c.567 §20; 1999 c.318 §31; 2007 c.848 §26]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008