Oregon Statutes - Chapter 270 - State Real Property - Section 270.010 - Policy.

(1) It shall be the policy of the State of Oregon to hold in state ownership no more state-owned real property than is necessary to conduct official business, with allowance for reasonably foreseeable demands of the future. The acquisition, sale, exchange, lease, retention and management of state-owned real property shall be subject to a statewide plan that will encourage the transfer through sale or lease of state-owned real property already in state ownership to private ownership and use so as to minimize state investment in such land and place such land on the tax rolls.

(2) In transferring state-owned real property through sale or lease, to the extent consistent with applicable trust responsibilities, the state policy shall be to give right of first refusal to purchase in the following order:

(a) To the lessee of the land.

(b) Where the intended activity or use is similar to that of adjacent properties within the region:

(A) To adjacent landowners.

(B) To residents within the region.

(C) To persons outside the region. [1991 c.816 §2; 1995 c.589 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008