Oregon Statutes - Chapter 274 - Submersible and Submerged Lands - Section 274.963 - Legislative findings.

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:

(a) Uncertainty exists as to the nature and extent of the state’s interest in land formerly submerged or submersible lands within the bed and banks of navigable bodies of water in this state.

(b) Such uncertainty causes conflicts in the use and ownership of such land, endangers the rights and titles of landowners and restricts the development of the economic, scenic and recreational potential of such lands.

(c) Although the State Land Board and the Department of State Lands are authorized by law to negotiate settlements with respect to the ownership of such lands, action by the State of Oregon to determine and assert its interests, if any, in such lands is necessary for a prompt and orderly resolution of such uncertainty.

(2) The Legislative Assembly finds therefore, that it is in the public interest to direct the State Land Board and the Department of State Lands to continue the study of the Willamette River and to conduct studies of the lands formerly submerged or submersible within other navigable bodies of water in this state and, at the conclusion of each such study, to resolve conflicting ownership claims between the state and private owners by asserting interests remaining or vested in the state in such lands. [1973 c.329 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008