Oregon Statutes - Chapter 276 - Public Facilities - Section 276.033 - Duties of Oregon Department of Administrative Services; rules.

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall:

(1) Review on a continuing basis, in cooperation with other affected state agencies, studies and analyses of the building needs of state agencies located within the metropolitan area of the City of Salem.

(2) Establish and maintain a master plan for the development of the capitol group of buildings situated within the Capitol Mall.

(3) Maintain a coordination plan for state-owned real properties identified in ORS 276.028 that describes the relationship between the properties and between the properties and the City of Salem, including the effect of development of one or more of the properties or of the city on other properties or on the city.

(4)(a) Cooperate and consult with local governmental agencies that have jurisdiction within the areas described by ORS 276.028 for the purpose of coordinating the development of state buildings and grounds in those areas with community planning and development programs in those areas.

(b) If the department establishes, adopts or implements a plan of development in an area that is located within the boundaries of the City of Salem, recommend to the governing body of Salem any legislation necessary to effectuate the plan.

(5) Coordinate with the governing body and the planning commission of the City of Salem and with the state on development plans by the state for the capitol area. To carry out the coordination, the department shall adopt rules establishing a public review process for plans and projects in the areas described in ORS 276.028. The rules adopted under this subsection shall address:

(a) Utilizing the Capital Projects Advisory Board established under ORS 276.227 for project review;

(b) Including one member from the City of Salemís community development department and one member from the City of Salemís public works department as members of the board;

(c) Providing opportunity for public comment; and

(d) Establishing a special design review process for projects on the Capitol Mall.

(6) Comply with all applicable local planning and land use laws and regulations. [2003 c.796 §22; 2005 c.217 §12]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008