Oregon Statutes - Chapter 276 - Public Facilities - Section 276.429 - Leases; lease option purchase; cost policy; report to legislative review agency.

(1) The Oregon Department of Administrative Services may enter into, as appropriate, leases, including lease with option to purchase, installment purchases and rental agreements, as lessee, for office quarters for state agencies. In determining which method of acquiring office quarters is most appropriate under the circumstances, the department shall consider cost and the long-term best interests of the state. It is the policy of the state, in fulfilling the objectives set forth in ORS 276.426, to acquire office quarters in the most cost-effective manner feasible.

(2) The costs to the department incurred for the purpose of making such office space ready for occupancy, including professional services, remodeling, equipment acquisition and other similar costs paid to others or incurred by the department, may be advanced out of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Operating Fund. The fund shall be reimbursed for costs so advanced from charges paid to the department by the agency leasing the space as a tenant. Where more than one agency occupies the space, the charges shall be assessed and collected from the agencies in the manner determined by the department.

(3) Immediately following each monthly rental period, the department shall bill each state agency occupying office quarters leased under subsection (1) of this section, a sum equal to such part of the total amount required for the rent of such quarters as the rental value of the space occupied by each of the state agencies bears to the whole amount of the rental value of such space so leased by the state. Such sums and rental values shall be determined by the department. Moneys collected therefor shall be placed in the Oregon Department of Administrative Services Operating Fund established in ORS 283.076 and used for the payment of the rental and operating expenses of such office quarters.

(4) Prior to entering into any lease purchase or installment purchase agreement or before exercising any purchase option in agreements made under subsection (1) of this section, the department shall report to the legislative review agency established in ORS 291.371. However, the department shall not enter into any lease purchase or installment purchase agreement in excess of $100,000 under any provision of law other than ORS 283.085 to 283.092.

(5) The title to properties acquired through lease-purchase options authorized in subsection (1) of this section shall vest automatically in the Oregon Department of Administrative Services in the name of the state. Properties so acquired shall be operated as office buildings as provided in ORS 276.004. [1953 c.591 §1; 1955 c.243 §1; 1965 c.385 §1; 1969 c.199 §42; 1969 c.706 §56; 1977 c.598 §20; 1981 c.106 §13; 1981 c.491 §3; 1981 c.492 §2; 1985 c.276 §3; 1991 c.642 §3; 2005 c.755 §11; 2007 c.783 §90]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008